Your logo is an essential tool in todays' competitive market!
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Welcome to Blink Graphix
A communication studio specialising in Logo Designs

As the world becomes more and more polluted with every imaginable logo and icon it has become increasingly more vital for your business to have a strong and distinct identity.

Why is a logo so important for your business?

A logo design visually represents your brand in the market place, and should communicate to consumers basically and directly, in as little time as possible and without too much effort.

In a second your brand can either make an impression on consumers and inform their market choices, or, it can be forgotten along with all the other carbon copy logos that leave no indelible mark on the minds of their viewers.

A logo therefore is a powerful weapon, and one of the most important business investments you can make towards the success of your company.

We here at Blink Graphix aim to deliver creative, effective and memorable logos to make people love your company. We aim to position your company in the minds of consumers in a far more effective way than all of your competitors.
Design for us is more than just creating a nice image. We see our designs as a vital component of your overall business success.